Bulk Load and Instantly Create Multiple Text Layers in Ae With Dojo Text Generator

CreativeDojo’s VinhSon Nguyen created a new text generator script for After Effects.

The Dojo Text Generator instantly creates multiple text layers from delimited text input. This makes it easy to “bulk load” text from other applications such as word, excel or any text document.

Dojo Text Generator Can:

  • Generate text layers based on input text

  • Break apart existing text layers into separate text layers

  • Ability to change the Separator that defines when a new text layer is generated

  • Automatically enable 3D and motion blur for generated text layers

  • Flip order of text layers

Instantly create multiple text layers based on input and separator rules, or break apart existing text layers onto new separate layersVinhSon Nguyen – CreativeDojo.net

Simply by copy and pasting sentences or entire paragraphs ingot eh Dojo text Generator will automatically generate text layers for each word or phrase in After Effects. The Dojo Text Generator can also take existing text layers in After Effects and break them apart into a more granular set of text layers. Dojo Text Generator is a must-have tool for motion designers who need to quickly and efficiently generate many text layers automatically.


Dojo Text Generator

The Dojo Text Generator Script is being offered through aescripts + aeplugins, or it is available through CreativeDojo.net. Check out the Dojo Text Generator Script for After Effects here.