Automatically Match Grade from Other Clips Using the New MatchGrade Tool in Nuke

The Foundry posts a look into the new MatchGrade node in Nuke 8, which can automatically match the grade from one clip to another. Matt Leonard from Sphere VFX walks us through using the MatchGrade tools in Nuke 8 offering a look at how it works, and some of the workflow.

In previous versions of Nuke, color matching was handled by the Furnace plugin. The New Match Grade node in Nuke is a significant improvement to the older tools, offering greater speed and accuracy in Color matching.

The Nuke MatchGrade node automatically modifies the color histogram of an image to match an incoming reference image. The node can be used in a number of scenarios: to extract a baked in grade and match it to the target image when frames are the same across both images, match grades between completely different shots or match elements between source and target shots such as grass areas and face regions within shots.