Contours Retopology add-on for Blender Updates With New Guide Mode

The Contours Retopology tool for Blender was released almost a year ago, and since then it has proven to be an incredibly useful and innovative tool for retopologizing models from within Blender.

Contours was designed by Jonathan Williamson and developed by Patrick Moore and Jon Denning, developed to offer an easy way to retopologize the common cylindrical forms of organic models, such as such as arms, legs, tentacles, tails, horns, etc.

Recently the Contours Retopology tool has updated to version 1.10 and adds a brand new guide mode that will allow you to generate multiple strokes at once. Also on deck for new features in Contours is back face occlusion, offering a cleaner view of your work as you go, new trackpad navigation support, as well as a ton of bug fixes.

New in Contours Retopology Tool for Blender 1.10

  • New Guide-mode feature for generating multiple strokes at once
  • Back-face occlusion, making only the front-facing mesh previews show, making visualization cleaner.
  • Trackpad navigation support
  • Recoded mostly from the ground up to be more stable and versatile
  • Created foundation for future tools like Poly Strips
  • 100s of bug fixes

Contour Retopology Features

  • Stroke generated retopology – Quickly retopologize cylindrical forms in seconds!
  • Automatic mesh preview – See exactly what you’re creating before committing to it.
  • Automatic surface snapping – The retopo mesh automatically conforms to the original form.
  • Loop adjustment controls – No need to get it perfect the first try, loops are adjustable.
  • Set the loop vertex count – The vertex count for loops can be changed anytime before mesh generation.
  • Modalized – The viewport remains interactive while using Contours.
  • Modal hotkeys – Manipulating strokes is easy with fast hotkeys.
  • Undo support – Unintended changes? No problem, just undo.
  • Add-on preferences – Contours comes with extensive preferences to adapt to your liking.

Contours is amiable from the BlenderMarket, check out Contours Retopology Tools for Blender here for more information.