Still Sketchy on Ae’s Shape Layers? Mikey Borup Gets You Oriented

Mikey Borup walks you through After Effects shape layers, showing you how to create a nice looking meter animation. Actually the entire thing is built with just one shape layer in After Effects. So if you are still a bit confused as to what and how shape layers work in Ae, this is a great watch for you.

This tutorial will step you through shape layers like nobody else’s businessmikey Borup

Even if you have some familiarity with Ae’s shape layers, you will most likely still pick up something new from this.


More Resources for Using Shape Layers in After Effects

Tutorials on the concept and use of shape layers in Ae are well documented around the net, and we have had quite a few posts here on Using Shape Layers for After Effects. Here are a few more to get you going.


Evan Abrams takes a look at After Effects Shape Layer Repeater engine to create radial motion graphics and animation easily, showing how simple it can be to get some pretty great looking animation quickly. Understanding the Shape Layer Repeater


Mikey Borup shows how to create an intricate looking animation using Shape Layers in After Effects with plenty of secondary animation to simple shapes making them more polished and interesting. Animating Sweeping Circles With Shape Layers in After Effects.


Evan Abrams hosts a look at how to get random particle like movement in an After Effects project, while still maintaining control over each of the elements in the group, by using shape layers and expressions. Creating a Controllable Array of Shape Layers in After Effects.


Mikey Borup shows how to create custom geometric transitions using Shape Layers in After Effects which will provide a sort of procedural approach to creating transitions. Creating Geometric Transitions Using Shape Layers.