In doing some R & D for tearing cloth, Joël LeLièvre had a look at his main application 3DS Max, and also had a look at doing something similar in Maya, and finally settled on Cinema 4D for creating the cloth tearing effect. Joël notes that C4D offered a level of intuitiveness and how quick it is to set up something like a tearing cloth animation.

Joël offers some insight as to how he ended up doing a cloth tear in C4D, and also walks through how he set the scene showing how to get a great looking cloth tear animation in C4D.

More Resources for Creating a Tearing Cloth Animation

There have been a few really great tutorials for Tearing Cloth in C4D here. Below are some highlights for creating tearing cloth effects.

Have a look at the post Animate Tearing Surfaces to Reveal Another in Cinema 4D where motion designer Ben Watts shows how to crete a scene where an animated torn cloth will reveal a ball in Cinema 4D demonstrating modeling the scene and creating collision geometry.

Check out the post Creating a Tear Transition Effect for After Effects Using Cinema 4D Cloth Dynamics where Seth Eckert posts a little demonstration showing the basics of how he created the “tearing” transition effect in his last demo reel, using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

And Motion Graphics Artist, Joshua Cam Smith posts a look at how to set up an abstract tentacle animation in Cinema 4D with the post Integrating Cloth, Hair Dynamics and The Tear Feature in C4D.