Getting Started with Thea Render for C4D

The hyper-realisitc Thea render for C4D has reached a beta phase with its Cinema 4D Plugins.

There is no shortage of plugin renderers for Cinema 4D these days. With Octane, V-Ray, Maxwell adding on to the application, being a C4D user leaves you quite a few choices in how to render your project.



Thea Render for C4D

Thea Render is both a biased and unbiased render, running un the GPU offering realistic rendering results with its unique materials and support for applications. Thea’s GPU component is called Thea Presto which can run on both the CPU and the GPU of the computer simultaneously. This can give Thea some pretty impressive interactive rates.

The renderer plugins have some interesting support for C4D elements, such as the materials. Thea prides itself on its material library, something that is still very much kludge with the Octane render for C4D.

Thea render for C4D also supports rendering with interactive render regions in the C4D Viewport, and it also goes a step further with its own integrated darkroom environment, optimizing camera and material changes for the best interactive experience.

Thea render for C4D also offers some instancing capabilities from within the renderer. This is especially good if you are rendering MoGraph Cloners, arrays or render instances.


Thea Render for C4D Pricing and Availability

Thea render is still in the beta stage, however you can try the plugins as a free trail. It looks as if the Thea Render for C4D plugins will run roughly $400.00. To learn more about Thea Render, check out the page here: Thea Render for C4D.