See HitFilm 3 Pro’s New Particle Simulator in Action

With the release of HitFilm 3 Pro looming, Simon Jones has a look at some of the newest features of the Particle Simulator. HitFilm 3 Pro will feature some great new additions to the particle simulator. Most notably, they will respect 3D space by way of the new unified 3D space in HitFilm 3.

find out about it’s upgraded particle simulator, with 3D object textures, layer emitters and the unified 3D space

This will mean a couple of things for workflow but most obvious, particles can be used in the general 3D space along side other elements in the scene and all behave expectedly. There will be no need for compositing hacks to get particles to work with 2D or 3D layers in 3D space.

HitFilm 3 will have the capability to apply effects directly to the particle simulator layer which is something that was lacking in previous versions. The Particle simulator in HitFilm 3 incorporates a particle instancer, allowing you to generate particles as 3D objects based off of one element. This will allow you to create cityscapes, a forest of trees, falling debris, or a anything else that requires replicating 3D shapes or objects.