Spline Wrapper For C4D Updates Making it Easier To Animate Coils

C4DZone’s Spline Wrapper has undergone some changes since its inception as version 1.0. Spline Wrapper is a plugin which allows you to parametrically wrap spline around objects in C4D.

We have just updated the Spline Wrapper in order to let you simulate winding coils

This opens up a lot of creative possibilities for modeling, but there were a few issues with animation. Recently the SW C4D plug has updated to version 3.0 (which is free to people who purchased Spline Wrapper).

Version 3 adds a new Extra Point feature which can be used to animate the spline coils either wrapping or unwrapping along an object with a much better result. The new feature allows you to easily extend the beginning or the end of the spline allowing you to animate the spline wrapper and sweep attributes to create  winding coil effects that would be shear tedium to animate without the plugin.

Spline Wrapper Plugin Availability

Spline Wrapper costs around $16.00 to purchase from the C4DZone.com and is available for Cinema 4D R13-R16 and runs under both Windows and Mac systems. For more information on the plugin, check the Spline Wrapper 2 for Cinema 4D page here.