Cinema 4D VFX Volume 2: Creating a Killer Tornado

Ben Watts form releases the second visual effects training series for Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D VFX Volume 2: Creating a Killer Tornado. The series looks at creating a stunning visual effects shot of a tornado forming and wreaking havoc.

The Cinema 4D VFX series has over two hours of advanced Turbulence FD techniques and shows how to create debris with specialized particle setups. Cinema 4D VFX Volume 2 also looks at the composting workflow in finishing the scene, and comes with all the C4D project files.

You do need at least Cinema 4D R14 Studio, the Turbulence FD plugin, and a basic knowledge of C4D to follow along. The Cinema 4D VFX Volume 2: Killer Tornado series is available now through Vimeo on Demand for $14.95.