Giving Your Character More Appealing Eyes

FlippedNormal’s Henning Sanden and Morten Jæger show some really quick and easy techniques to create beautiful eyes for your character, making them much more appealing.

This is a great way to enhance your 3D renders, or if you are painting traditionally, the principles incited by Henning and Morten are practically the same.

The FlippedNormals team notes that appealing eyes can really help bring a piece of art together, and creating them can be really simple in Photoshop.

  • Start by having a constant colour, such as blue.
  • Add a pupil in the center which is close to black. Bigger pupil = Friendlier, smaller pupil = more hostile
  • Paint a darker circle around the iris to frame it better.
  • Paint shadow in one area of the iris and light in the other.
  • Add a small specular highlight on the cornea to really put some life into it.

Be sure to check out the FlippedNormals site for more great character modeling, sculpting and painting tutorials.