Character TD Cesar Saez posts a look at recreating the “SoftImage style” Doritos setup in Maya. As Cesar mentions, of you are unfamiliar with the Doritos technique, it refers to a way that splits the skinning deformation into different layers. Each layer rides on to of the previous one which will avoid getting double transformations.

a straight forward way to do the Doritos setup in Maya

Essentially the Doritos setup, allows for deformer controls that sit on top of the initial deformations, separating the two.

Cezar also notes that there have been quite a few explanations of the Doritos setup in Maya, as well as other applications. Here, Cezar’s goal is to provide a less convoluted explanation, and try to be more clear in showing a straight forward way to recreate the Doritos setup in Maya.

Check out Cezar Saez’s post on recreating the Doritos setup in Maya, which his post, Yet another ‘dorito’ tutorial.