Is there a Comedy Web Series specifically for Motion Graphics Artists and Designers?! Yes. Yes there is.

A new Youtube Channel and Tumblr sheds some light and some humor on what it is like to be a motion graphics artist in todays market. The Moe Graff Show, hosted by the puppet Moe, is a short talk and skit show, that pokes fun of the motion graphics industry.

The Moe Graff Show is a comedy web series for motion graphics artists and designers.

The show’s creators, Jesse Cervantes, Todd Rocheford, Paul Philipps craft the shows which range a variety of topics.

Nathan Baconslice, resident ‘whether’ man, who will attempt determine whether or not C4d will successfully complete a render, to interviewing Nick Kramer from RGB Orangutan – the greatest tutorial creator in the history of tutelage.

There is even a spoof on “how to tell if you are a motion graphics artist” based on the classic Jeff Foxworthy routine. The show is hosted on a YouTube Channel and also has a home on Tumblr. Check out the Moe Graff Show for a chuckle or two. Moe Clients, Moe Problems.

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