Ben Watts from BWDesign has created some great tutorials in the past, typically in Cinema 4D. This time, Ben has posted a tutorial covering an effect created in Side FX Houdini showing how to make use of the FLIP solver to create some melting effects.

how to melt objects in Houdini 14 using FLIP with variable viscosity & custom attributes

Ben has been learning and using Houdini for a while now, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise – however, Ben is the 4th motion graphics artist that I have come across recently who has made the jump from C4D to Houdini.

How can you not? Side FX is making it extremely convenient to get into Houdini’s procedural workflow, with the very low cost Indie Edition, and the Houdini Engine, which will allow you to use Houdini Assets in other applications.

Here, Ben has a look into creating a melting effect in Houdini, using Houdini’s FLIP solver. Ben shows how to establish variable viscosity and custom attributes.

There is also a look into controlling the shader parameters with custom attributes. Ben shows some techniques for leveraging Houdini’s compositing context for creating texture maps.

Hopefully we will see more Houdini tutorials from Ben. Ben makes the project files for this available on his site here.