Maxwell render offers a really great light transport and can render some highly realistic scenes. The unbiased physical renderer can also create realistic materials through its shaders. But did you know that Maxwell can use measured IOR data for materials?

Maxwell Render has the ability to use  measured data for the Index of Refraction for a material.

This means that Maxwell can use complex index of refraction data extracted from the actual material.

how to create super-accurate , super-realistic materials using complex IOR data in MAXWELL RENDER for Cinema 4d

Here, Mograph Plus’ Kamel Khezri shows how to set up the complex IOR data to work within Maxwell’s shader. Using a custom IOR or referenced IOR really easy to do and it offers a much more accurate and realistic interpretation of the material you are trying to mimic. Of course the downside is that your renders will take longer.

This tutorial comes as a part of his training series offering a Comprehensive introduction to MAXWELL RENDER for Cinema 4d.

For more information you can check out the Comprehensive introduction to MAXWELL RENDER for Cinema 4d here.