CG Trainer  , posts a look into the techniques needed for scripting effective dynamics in Cinema 4D. Using a haunted castle as a premise that is based off of an old board game, CyBear dives into C4D’s dynamics engine with this look at theory and tactics.

There are quite a few things covered in this series, all dealing with dynamics in Cinema 4D. Cybear shows how you can change the position of a object over a spline using the position of the spline’s points.

There is a demonstration as to how to use the Rigid Body Tag on complex objects and object groups, covering the Trigger, Dynamics Shape and Visualisation parameters. There is also a section that covers creating a rig where the shape of objects and settings of a Collider Body Tag are controlled by User Data via xPresso.

You can download the project files to follow along with the tutorial series, Creating a haunted castle with C4D dynamics and Xpresso.