Maximilian Zenk shows an interesting take on using Adobe’s Character Animator, the new Creative Cloud application that grew out of the “project animal” evaluation.

Combine real stop motion sequences, with Character Animator dialogue

Character Animator is a stand alone application that will allow you to easily animate characters through tracking your facial performances through the computer’s camera.

Using Character Animator, you can bring Photoshop or Illustrator artwork to life, syncing mouth shapes to your speech. Adobe Character Animator also will let you control all aspects over a character’s movements by using the keyboard and mouse, through customized triggered behaviors that you can easily set up.

Here, Max shows how you can combine stop motion sequences with Adobe Character Animator. By shooting all the mouth shapes that you need, you can use those images within Character Animator to easily animate the character speaking. This can save you some time, rather than animating all of the dialog along with the stop motion characters in real life.

Max also posts the Mr. Cucumber character that he uses for the demonstration in the example. Check out the Adobe Character Animator puppet and start playing around.