Dover Studios releases PlayblastVR for Softimage

PlayblastVR for Softimage

Andrew Hazelden has expanded the platform offering for PlayblastVR, adding Softimage to the list. PlayblastVR is Dover Studio’s tool for creating 360° images using hardware rendered OpenGL, allowing you to create scenes in LatLong and Full-dome formats.

PlayblastVR previz renderings will save you time and money because hardware based panoramic renderings make better use of the artist’s time.

Originally created for Maya, PlayblastVR supports panoramic rendering output directly to YouTube 360 and Facebook 360 format movies with automatic metadata embedding. The plugin also outputs to Google’s Photosphere spherical panoramas.

PlayblastVR for Softimage can render most XSI scene elements, such as animated polygon and NURBS geometry, lights, ICE, hair and fur, cloth sims, and procedurally generated shading networks.

Once a PlayblastVR panoramic batch sequence has been rendered, you can send it to a mired of VR tools and suites. These can include, an Oculus Rift or viewed using a video playback tool like DJV Viewer, Adobe SpeedGrade, Amateras Dome Player, Assimilate Scratch and Scratch Player, Kolor Eyes, Whirligig, VLC, VLCwarp Player, RV, Live View Rift, and the Softimage Flipbook.

The PlayblastVR for Softimage renderer is available from Dover Studios starting at $249 USD — Check out PlayBlastVR for Softimage for more information.