An In-Depth Look at Guided Simulations With Maya Bifrost

A while back, Daryl Obert had a quick look at creating guided Maya Bifrost simulations. Guided Simulations is the ability to let artists drive and art direct the behavior of the simulations they are creating in Maya Bifrost.

more about guided sims and foam emission in Maya 2016.

This can be done by either using a cached simulation or an animated mesh. Either way, directing a sim, makes you able to create “hero” effects shots, where you need to be able to control the details of what is happening or going to happen with the shot.

Here, Autodesk’s Adrian Graham posts a more in-depth look for creating guided simulations, covering some things that Daryl Obert didn’t have time to show in his tutorial. Adrian covers more ground with guided simulations, including foam emissions in Maya 2016.