LightStorm3D Releases L3Deformer for Maya 2016

LightStorm3D has released their L3Deformer for Maya 2016. L3Deformer represents a suite of advanced deformer nodes and utilities that extend Autodesk Maya’s capabilities.

The update introduces a lot of new features requested by users including:

Collision Deformer

  • Bulge computation added
  • Velocity computation added
  • Primitive sphere collision shape added
  • Collision depth can now be limited
  • Post relax collision can now be turned off

Texture Deformer

  • UV based texture sampling added to support 2D textures


  • Threading can now be controlled per node
  • Several UI updates and cleanup

This upgrade requires L3Library V1.4.1 or later.

The collection of deformers include a really great collision deformer for Maya, a curve deformer, surface deformer, and a texture deformer.

The deformers work seamlessly, as native deformers would within Maya, and can be applied to polygon objects, curves, lattices and particles.

Multiple deformers can be combined to achieve more sophisticated deformation effects.