How To Use Particles for Weathering in Substance Painter

Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter is one of the premiere tool for 3D painting. SP has quite a lot of features in a familiar toolset, with Substance Procedural Effects, smart materials, masks, baking, and of course, the never-before-seen particle painting engine.

Particles are so easy to use, you can forget that you actually use them…

At first particle painting could have come across as a neat tool, but perhaps one that is only useful in a few situations. In fact when the environment and technical artist for Naughty Dog, Christophe Desse was asked how he felt about using particles in Substance Painter for texturing, Christophe commented that he doesn’t really use them for texturing. Upon more thought, he realized that he used Substance Painter particles quite a lot, just not for texturing. Christophe uses them more for weathering models.

Substance Painter particle painting is so intuitive and easy, you can easily forget that you use them in your workflow. Here, Christophe shows how you can use and tweak substance painter particle brushes to get a nice weathering effect in your work. Particle brush’s dynamics can be difficult to manage, with either too much or too little effect, but this is a good guide to getting control towards the effect you are looking for.