Moho is an amazing tool for animation, particularly character animation. The Moho workflow can feel a bit different, even strange if you are coming from an application like After Effects. Moho workflow is centered on it’s layers and the timeline. Various layer types will bring new tools in contextually. Ig you are new to Moho, Jared Hundley has an older, but still very relevant tutorial that can help you get started.

Award winning animator Jared Hundley takes us through all the basics for working with Moho. Everything you need to know from drawing a character, bringing that character into Moho, rigging the character for animation, and then setting keyframes for the animation. It is basically a three part look at the entire pipeline as workflow basics.

Part one covers designing and creating the artwork, taking the concept from idea to a ready-to-rig Illustration.

Part two deals more with the mechanics of the character. Jared covers the various layer types in Moho. Vector, Switch, Bone and layer groups are all important in the rigging process. The character gets bound to a bone rig with some simple controls.

Finally the third part of the tutorial set focuses on animation principles and follow though, key poses, in-betweens. Also Moho workflow for keyframes, bones, cycles and switch layers are covered.

By the end, you should have a much better understanding of how things get done in Moho. Jared also makes the project files available for download.