Affinity Photo Can Live Edit 360 Images

Serif’s Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are not just Adobe alternatives, they are pushing photo and vector workflows into the modern age. The benefit of a modern workflow with modern design applications is a force to be reckoned with. With the release of Affinity Photo for Windows, it marks a clear door from where you can put aside the kluge of standard design software and move to a brighter more amazing future.

Need an example? Well, here is one. Affinity Photo can edit 360° images, live. You can apply live equirectangular projection to your images. Yeah! You can pan around, zoom in and out and even edit in that mode. This is right out of the box, without any special plugins.

If you need to edit images that will eventually be an HDR light for a 3D scene, it is much easier to make edits while in a 360° view. You can work normally, making layers respect the 360 live projection mode. Pretty amazing. What is more amazing is that modern photo editing features, speed and no compromises can be yours for just $39.99. Again, pretty amazing.