How to Easily Place Multiple Images on Duplicates in BMD Fusion

Here is a clever technique for placing multiple images on Duplicate3D items in Black Magic Design’s Fusion. VFX Artist Chetal Gazdar runs through the easy method using the premise of playing cards as an example.

how to apply different texture/material using some great feature of Blackmagic Design Fusion[/pullqoute]

If you name your multiple images as an image sequence, you can then use Fusion’s Duplicate3D Node offset attribute to distribute the image sequence over all the playing cards. the issue is that attribute is an animated one. So moving the timelsider will cycle through the various images. You can easily get around this by working out the number of frames in the animation, and setting it so that the next sequence shows one frame over that frame rage. Setting the offset to that number will act like the animation is halted.

Chetal also shows the technique with duplicate3D type, adding an expression for some control. Nice!