Getting Started With Corona for Cinema 4D

There are no shortage of great render engines to use with Cinema 4D. Octane, V-Ray, Arnold, Maxwell, and Cycles to name a few from the list. Another that is on its way to C4D is Corona Renderer. The renderer offers some really nice results and offers both biased and unbiased rendering on the CPU. Corona’s strong point is that it is really simple to use, and the images can look like photographs.

Have a look at the quality of the renders, from 3D Artist and overall magician Bertrand Benoit, or in the images showing the automobile work of Jeff Patton using the renderer.

Corona for Cinema 4D is still under development in its alpha phase. Even still you can download and use the renderer in C4D freely, even for commercial projects.

If you want to see the renderer in action, Render Legion, creators of corona, post a short introduction to getting and working with Corona for Cinema 4D. It is everything you need to know to get started, from installation to denoising renders. Visit Render Legion for more information and a download for Cinema 4D.