Senior TD at Double Negative Shares Some of His Maya Workflow Tools

Build TD At Double Negative, Erik Lehmann Shares some of His Python Scripts for Maya designed to Automate or Simplify Your Workflow

Erik Lehmann is a Senior Build TD at Double Negative who dropped me a line to let me know that he has recently published a few workflow scripts for Maya, and wants to share them with the community.

Compact Renamer, UV Tools, and Selection Tools are all Python based scripts for Maya that can help automate or simplify some of your work in Maya.

The very useful Compact Renamer will allow you to easily rename the selected objects in a scene. The tool lets you include prefixes, suffixes, automatic serialization, padding and offers a handy search and replace function.

UV Tools includes a handy UV Transfer system, UV Checker pattern that lets you check if your UV’s unfolded properly or oriented and equal in size. You can also create, assign, remove and delete a UV shader with a custom 1k texture map and instantly set UV texture tiling from 1-32k.

Lastly Selection Tools offers a small panel that lets you easily select bad geometry. You can check your selected mesh for triangles, N-gons, Quads, concave, lamina faces, holes and of course non-manifold. The tool also will let you select by component count. You can automatically search and select geometry with the same face, vertex, edge, triangle or UV count.