A Sneak Look at Path Point Access & External Data in Ae

Mikey Borup Has a Loom at Two New Features Coming in the Next After Effects — Path Point Access, and External Data

Check out some of the new features coming out soon in the next update to After Effects

The After Effects team have already listed off some of the new features that will be coming in he next version of After Effects. There are some great ones, that include a Premiere Pro-like Hot-Key Editor. Also slated for the release is the ability for users to have path point access, and use external data easily.

Path point access, means that you can have individual control over the points in a path, mask or shape. This will open up a whole new world in Ae. Showing off both the path point access and the external data features ahead of the release, is Mikey Borup, who also shows the features in use with his newly revamped Charts and Graphs preset.