Have a Look at All the Mari 4 Interface Changes

Mari’s Product Manager Has a Look at All the UI changes in Mari 4

The Foundry releases Mari 4.0 that includes better navigation, an improved UI, enhanced workflows, and some core additions. In all the focus for Mari has been to make the Foundry’s 3D paint tool easier to use, faster and easier to learn.

Mari 4 first hit as a public beta, but just in case you missed the UI changes Mari product manager Rory Woodford covers everything you need to know about the new interface and workflows. If you are a Mari 3 user, Rory’s walkthrough is an easy way to discover all the changes made to the UI from Mari 3 to the latest Mari.

“The launch of Mari 4.0 marks an exciting new era for the tool. At Foundry, we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers and creating with them in mind. We have taken on board the requirements of both our customers and the wider industry, to create a new version of Mari that is more responsive, precise and inspirational from the get-go.” Jordan Thistlewood, Senior Product Manager, Foundry says.

Mari 4.0 goes on sale today and is available for purchase on Foundry’s website and via accredited resellers.