2 Ways to Create a Can Crush Effect Using Blender

Sardi Pax Shows Two Methods to Create a Can Crush Effect in Blender 3D

3D Artist Sardi Pax offers some insights into how to create a can crush effect in Blender, using two different methods. Likely there are more than just two ways that you can approach this, but Sardi’s look involves some of the more practical ways, using Cloth dynamics and Blender Bones.

Cloth dynamic systems are not just for simulating and animating fabrics. They are also very useful for a wide range of dynamics-based effects from rigid dynamics to creating a can crush.

Sardi’s second approach uses Blender’s Bones as the main deformer for the crush-animation. The bone technique needs a little more thought behind the setup and animation to get the realistic results that you might be looking for in a crushing effect.

Of course, you don’t even need to create the effect entirely in 3D, either. You can just get a can and crush it yourself. Using stop motion, masking and compositing tricks you can create something convincing, as shown by Kenan Proffitt in one of his tutorials.