Motion Array's New Marketplace Extension for Adobe

Motion Array has a new extension for Adobe tools that lets you access to Motion Array Assets.

Motion Array has a new downloadable extension for Adobe products. The Marketplace Extension will allow users to download and import any asset you need right off the Motion Array library. No longer will you have to turn to a browser to find the things you need.

Atlanta, GA: Motion Array, a membership-based resource for templates, royalty-free music, stock video, and more, has released an Extension for Adobe applications. The downloadable extension gives video editors working within Adobe access to an unlimited library of assets to use in their projects.

Motion Array’s Extension for Adobe is a way for creatives to search, preview, download quickly, and incorporate any product from the marketplace. The intention behind creating the Extension for Adobe was to help editors and designers improve their post-production workflow and make the creation of content much more efficient.

“We wanted our customers to be able to use products directly from within their favorite Adobe app,” said Motion Array co-founder, Eri Levin. “Using the panel will make it easier to test out what makes sense for their projects, without jumping into a web browser. 

They also don’t need to worry about paying for each download separately because it’s all included in their unlimited membership.”

To try the Extension for Adobe for free, visit Adobe Exchange

The extension is easily installed and then accessed directly from applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Simply connect a Motion Array account to get started. Within just a few clicks, users will have access to the entire Motion Array library of assets directly at their fingertips.

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