Modeling a Car Seat With Maya in VR

A look at using the MARUI Plugin to model in VR using Autodesk Maya.

Artists have taken to VR for sculpting, painting, and even animation. There are also a few tools out there that allow you to use standard desktop DCC’s in VR. One of those plugins for Autodesk Maya is MARUI. If you’ve ever wondered about how one would model in VR using Maya, wonder no more. Have a look at this video from the MARUI team, that shows how to model a car seat in Maya in VR.

MARUI lets you create and edit objects in real-time, while in VR. You can use all the Maya tools in VR and work “in the round.” The plugin adds Maya editor windows floating in 3D space while you work. You can select your tools from the floating windows and continue to work on your 3D scene in VR.

Want to try MARUI yourself? You can download and use a free trial.