Working With Guide Groups in Houdini

Mario Reitbauer explains guide groups in Houdini and how to split grooms into different areas.

In Houdini, working with hair tools includes guide groups. A way to group guides, primitives, and subtracting any parting lines. It’s an easy way that you can split up your groom into different areas in Houdini.

What is a Guide Group, and How do I use it?

Check out this new tutorial from Mario Reitbauer that explains how the groups work in Houdini, and how to use them to divide grooming tasks on a character. As an example, you can have the style and details on a character’s face different than the body of the character.

About Mario Reitbauer.

Reitbauer is a freelance Groom & CFX TD and Yeti Consultant. He specializes in grooming as well as dynamic rig setup and shot based simulations.

Reitbauer also offers rigging, character animation, technical direction, particle effects, rendering (Arnold), and more.