Short film directed by Martin de Thurah
Music composed and performed by Active Child


At times you find yourself on a dark road in a deep black valley. It is hard to orient yourself. You vaguely recall who you are, but it is hard to completely grasp, you have to lay down to dissolve into the ground.

We all contain darkness. A door to a strange place, where the world falls apart and becomes unrecognizable. A floaty reality, almost dreamlike.

How do we respond when we have to face our own fears and mortality and is it possible to find tranquility within the world of our nightmares?

These are some of the themes explored by the new art project Color Me, a collaboration between Danish director Martin de Thurah and Active Child, the musical alias of American inger, songwriter, and producer Patrick Grossi.

De Thurah has combined sculpting, live-action recordings, and visual effects with the trembling and distorted sound of Active Child’s track ”Color Me” to create a haunting andvisually innovative film – one of his most ambitious projects to date.

“I wanted to make something frightening, and I know it is very hard. To create a film in which someone was physically penetrated by their own anxiety. In a gentle way, with a lot of love and the possibility of healing,”
Martin de Thurah says.

For Patrick Grossi the project echoes an attempt to grasp the sadness and hope of life.
”It is hard to be human. Our capacity to feel can be overwhelming. But how we process great emotion and crippling anxiety is what sets us apart. My own fear of death has been with me since I was a boy. My fear of a complete end, a full stop, like going to sleep, it haunts me. It lives within me and takes shape in my dreams. It is why my music much of the time is an attempt to reconcile with the existence of a spiritual world,” Grossi says.

The creation of Color Me began in 2019 and as Martin de Thurah worked tirelessly with his team to form the right expression, the global pandemic changed the world and added layers of meaning and relevance to the film. The result is an emotional and visceral experience, which demands the attention and reflection of its spectators.

The film was produced by Bacon and BaconX


Film idea & direction

Martin de Thurah


Patrick Grossi / Active Child


Lisa Carlehed

Dinner guests

Jan E. Sørensen
Aude Didieus
Ida Oxager
Niels Ole Hauerberg
Jan Stougaard

VFX lead and master

Mikkel Hansen


Peter Brandt

Director of Photography

Rasmus Videbæk

Executive Producer

Samuel Cantor


Maximilian Mayrshofer

Sound Designers

Adrian Aurelius, ballad /
Philip Nicolai Flindt, ballad

Sound Post Producer

Gregers Maersk Moller, ballad


Nicholas Perry

Production assistant

Caroline Worning

2nd Unit DoP / Best Boy

Phillip Jørgensen

Focus Puller

Franz Borde

Video Assist

Benjamin Ingvorsen

Sound Recordist

Tajs Jespersen


Morten Kildegaard


Christian Lightobdy &
Paula Zuehlsdorf

Costume Concepts

Melanie Buchhave


Lula Lucky

Make-up Artist

Yunah Radecker

Make-up Assistant

Natascha Lysgaard

Production Design

Choki Lindberg

Props Master

Denise Conradi

SFX on physical elements

Thomas Foldberg,
Martin de Thurah &
Denise Conradi

Post Production Company

Bacon X

Executive Producer VFX

Eliana Carranza-Pitcher

Creative Advisor VFX

Jonas Drehn

VFX Artist & Concept Development

William Reynish

VFX Supervisor & Lead Compositor

Mikkel Hansen


Kai Hauswirth,
Mario Maruska,
Oliver Buus,
Mikael Balle,
Mario Maruska

3D Artists

Kim Fersling &
David Ryberg Lessel


Hannibal Lang

Conform and Color Assist

Søren Knudsen

Editors Assistant

Nikolaj Dahl

Graphic design

Benjamin Robin Graahede


Peer Vilmann,
Benjamin Vilmann


Pejk Malinovski,
Martin De Thurah