An Introduction to Bifrost and Bifrost Workshop

Maya Learning Channel posts a new Bifrost Bootcamp series for aspiring Technical Artists.

Bifrost is Autodesk’s LLVM node-based system for creating effects and more. While Bifrost is incredible already, if you find it difficult to get on board, this new bootcamp series is for you. Jason Brown, an Autodesk Bifrost Compound Developer and tutorial author, hosts the series.

The series will cover everything about working with Bifrost in around ten videos. You can find Brown’s work in the VHH repo on GitHub here.

Bifrost Addicts on Discord.

Suppose you want to learn more about, pose questions, or even lurk and read up on the latest conversations around Bifrost. In that case, the Bifrost Addicts Discord has a fantastic range of artists and tech folks, including some of the Bifrost development team. Join the Bifrost Addicts Discord here.