ActionVFX Launches Free Practice Footage for Visual Effects Artists

ActionVFX Practice Footage is the world’s most extensive library of practice footage for VFX artists, available for free.

ActionVFX launched a new category of VFX Assets as the Practice Footage Library – the world’s most extensive library of practice footage for VFX artists. Finally, we can use some modern footage to hone our VFX skills without shelling out.

The Practice Footage Library traverses various genres, such as action films, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. All the footage simulates industry-quality footage artists can encounter in their careers.

The Practice Footage Library is:

  • 500+ clips on launch day
  • Professional quality footage shot specifically for this library.
  • Royalty-free with complete model releases for everyone involved.
  • 100% free for everyone!

Check out the press release below:

ActionVFX Launches Free Practice Footage Library, Making Learning VFX Easier Than Ever

[Johnson City, October 10th] – Imagine a teenager from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, living in the U.S. and dreaming of a career in VFX, yet grappling with the limitations of low-quality practice footage. That young visionary defied the odds to found ActionVFX, a leader in the visual effects industry. Today, in a milestone move, ActionVFX announces the Practice Footage Library—a free resource available now with over 500 high-quality clips aimed to resolve a longstanding issue: the scarcity of video footage available for practicing visual effects.

Identifying the Problem

The VFX community has needed more access to quality practice footage for years. Aspiring artists and creatives looking to refine their skills and educators seeking to offer hands-on experience often need help with the unavailability of suitable footage.

This challenge is well-known to ActionVFX’s Founder and CEO, Rodolphe Pierre-Louis. “At 14, I was hungry to dive into VFX but found myself restricted by the poor-quality material at hand,” he reflects. “For many artists, quality footage for practice and demo reels are virtually inaccessible. You need high-quality footage to build a portfolio that opens doors, but those doors remain closed if you can’t find or access that footage in the first place. It’s a cycle that has halted innovation and disrupted new talent.”

The Solution

Pierre-Louis’s previous experiences as an aspiring VFX artist fuel his passion for this initiative. “This isn’t merely another offering; it’s a contribution to the community that molded me,” he emphasizes. “That’s why the Practice Footage Library is entirely free! We’re laying the groundwork for the next generation of creative visionaries to practice, innovate, and ultimately, be inspired to do great things.”

The Practice Footage Library features include:

Diverse Range of Clips: Boasting over 500 clips, the library spans various genres like action, sci-fi, fantasy, and more that simulate high-quality footage artists encounter in their careers. The wide variety of clips allows experimentation and mastery of different aspects of VFX.

Talent Releases: ActionVFX has secured all releases for talent inside the Practice Footage Library clips, eliminating any concern for necessary permissions. This clearance offers artists complete peace of mind, allowing them to freely explore, experiment, and publicly showcase their work without legal complications.

High Production Quality: Clips are filmed and processed by the ActionVFX team and professional contributors to meet industry-quality standards, allowing beginners and experienced professionals to utilize the library.

Completely Free: This library is available at zero cost, tearing down the financial barrier that often hinders emerging artists and encourages inclusivity and accessibility.

What the Community is Saying

“At Boxel Studio, we’re currently in the active process of experimenting with a variety of AI and ML tools to enhance our artists’ workflows. The challenge of sourcing high-quality practice footage online for training our artists on these tools has been persistent. The newly introduced ActionVFX Practice Footage Library has come at a timely moment and has swiftly proven invaluable during this phase. The accessibility of this resource, combined with its practical application in training our team, holds immeasurable value for our studio’s educational growth”.

– Freddy Chávez Olmos

Artificial Intelligence Creative Director at Boxel Studio

“With CG Spectrum’s expertise and ActionVFX elements in the mix, students can seamlessly blend the realms of imagination and reality, transcending the boundaries of traditional learning. These meticulously crafted elements not only enrich the educational experience but empower students to master the art of compositing in a way that is truly exceptional and cutting-edge. Together, they turn every lesson into a visual masterpiece.”

– Sean Amlaner

Head of Student Operations at CG Spectrum

About ActionVFX

Having served over 300,000 artists, ActionVFX is the industry-leading provider of production-quality VFX stock footage featured in top films, TV shows, and video games—including blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame, hit series like Stranger Things, and the popular Call of Duty franchise.

Whether working on the next Avengers movie, an episodic series, or your own short-form content, the ActionVFX library gives you the tools you need to achieve outstanding results.