How to Create Great Depth Effects in DaVinci Resolve or Fusion

VFX Study shows how to quickly build a quality depth map in Fusion or DaVinci Resolve.

A depth map is vital to get some nice lighting effects, depth of field, fog, or other effects. If you work in DaVinci Resolve or Fusion, you can instantly create a 3D depth matte. Black Magic Design Davinci Resolve 18 has a built-in Depth Map effect.

This tutorial has VFXstudy’s Bernd Klimm showing how to take depth mattes to the next level and create quality ones of which anyone would be proud.

Klimm often shares excellent tutorials for Fusion and Resolve while offering free, premium courses that train users on those tools. Klimm has a complete starter course for Fusion 9 that covers all the basics and more advanced stuff. Visit the Black Magic Fusion 9 – Your Journey from Novice to Expert for a free trial or to purchase the course for around $20.