How to Simulate Icing on a Cupcake With Bifrost in Maya

Phil Radford shows how to animate icing on a cupcake using Bifrost MPM Solver and MPM Gel.

Bifrost’s MPM (material point method) solver can handle the simulation of grains and more and recently added a new Gel MPM source. Here, the MayaGuy, Phil Radford (@MayaGuytutorials), shows how to use the source Gel MPM node to simulate icing on a cupcake.

Despite its name, the source MPM gel node you can use for more than just Gel and things like icing, toothpaste, ketchup, mud, etc.

The node dictates where simulate_mpm should create gel particles should be created or sourced. Using source Gel, you can create a continuous stream of Gel or a gel region.

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