How to Create a Jiggle Collider With Bifrost in Maya

Alexandre Alin walks through creating a custom Jiggle Collision Deformer using Bifrost along with MASH in Autodesk Maya.

Alexandre Alin of Renart Studios guides us through crafting your own Jiggle Collider in Maya, a technique that uses both Bifrost and MASH, Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit.

The tutorial walks through creating the Bifrost Graph and using MASH for the Jiggle effect.

It’s not Alin’s first tutorial using MASH and Bifrost. A previous tutorial showed how to create a working zipper rig inspired by Banno Yuki’s fabulous zipping coat and glove animationVisit that tutorial here.

Alexandre notes that the scene demonstrating the system will soon be available for free on his Renart Studios website.