BifrostJSON Lets You Work With JSON Data Within Bifrost

Olliepop shares a Bifrost JSON Operator that allows you to bring JSON data in a Bifrost Graph in Maya.

Check out this project created and shared by Olliepop, which lets you bring JSON data into the Bifrost environment. BifrostJSON is a great way to get outside data sources into Bifrsot in Maya.

BifrostJSON is a library for working with JSON data inside the Bifrost graph visual programming environment for Maya. The tool allows you to translate JSON data into the related Bifrost types.

BifrostJSON Features:

  • Read JSON data from a file on disk or an Amino String input.
  • Helper nodes to get and set data inside the Bifrost graph via expression instead of chaining together many get/set nodes in arrays/Objects
  • Printing input data to the console for debugging
  • Output data as a JSON string for consumption in Maya

Check out BifrostJSON here to learn more or download the project.