How to Create Smart Materials in MARI Just Like Substance Painter

Johnny Fehr shows how to create Smart Materials in MARI, just like Substance’s onesinter, to build a handy library.

Presets are a great way to help you work fast while staying in the zone of simply creating. In Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Smart Materials offers a way to make materials by starting with a great base that you can build upon.

In this new tutorial from Johnny Fehr, see how you can make Smart Materials in MARI, just like the ones you’d typically see in Substance 3D Painter or 3D Coat.

Creating materials this way is a great way to make a high-quality library.

In a previous MARI demonstration, Fehr showed how to create Substance 3D Painter-style smart masks in MARI so that you can focus more on creativity. Visit that tutorial here.