Extending Blenders Modeling Capabilities With the F2 Addon for Blender

Bart Crouch has recently release his modeling workflow Addon for Blender F2 which provides and extends Blender’s native ability to create faces in a more functional and workflow concentric way.

It allows you to create a face from a single vertex selection or a single edge selection, while retaining all the built-in functionality. Simply enable the add-on, and pressing the F-key will be better than ever before

F2 Modeling Addon for Blender (also known as the spider-script) can create quad faces from vertices, or from edges, and provides direction control for creating faces, drastically speeding up the modeling workflow in Blender to a more fluid and intuitive method. F2 is provided as donation ware, and there is a support thread for this script at BlenderArtists. Check out the F2 Modeling Addon for blender here.

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