Tools4D’s Paul Everett shows off his new plugin offering for Cinema 4D Voxogen, which is an efficient and fast voxel generator for Cinema, that will easily convert polygon objects into voxel objects including its UV Coordinates, so the result can be used with existing textures.

An amazingly fast and efficient voxelizing Generator which converts polygon objects into voxelized objects whilst retaining UV coordinates

Paul notes that there are a few ways and some scripts that will create a voxel in Cinema 4D, including the MorGraph Volume Effector, however they are far from a fast or reliable solutions for Voxelizing polygons. Here Paul shows how you can use the new Voxogen Plugin in Cinema 4D, providing a good idea of the workflow and how it can be used.

Voxogen is available for Cinema 4D R12,R13,R14 or greater (all versions), WIN PC & MAC OSX, 64 bit and is priced at roughy $65.00 – great stuff!