RealFlowLabs posts a look into the Hybrido2 system within RealFlow 2013, providing an overview of the Grid Fluids System, using The Hybrido “HyFLIP” System, demonstrating some of the differences between other simulation methods in RealFlow.

two elements are required: the first one is an object to define the volume that will hold the fluid and the other node is an emitter

RealFlow contains two tools covering simulations, SPH, a strictly particle based approach providing a high levee of detail for smaller simulations, and Hybrido, which combines grid cels and particles together specifically built for larger scale fluid simulations.

It is within the Hybrido2 system that RealFlow has incorporated HyFLIP, which has improved the Grid Fluid Solution further with Fluid Implicit Particles, or FLIP. With FLIP Solvers in RealFlow, the particles actually carry the velocity information using a particle grid approach to simulation, making it much faster.