X-Particles has always been an extremely powerful tool filling in some of the gaps in ease of use and flexibility in Cinema 4D. In a demonstration showing exactly how flexible and useful X-Particles can be, Mike Batchelor offers a look at using X-Particles in a motion graphics setting, walking though the creation of a mock TV ad for an audio CD.

In this tutorial we take a look at using X-Particles to create a mock up TV add for a Audio CD

Not too long ago X-Particles saw a free update to version 2.5 with better pythons scripting support, wet maps, and the addition of some extra modifiers including a new “move over surface” modifier. More Recently, a demo version of X-Particles 2.5 has been made available and can be downloaded from the X-Particle site. Please note that the demo is ONLY available for CINEMA 4D releases 14 and 15; no R13 demo is available.