Cinema 4D | X-Particles 2.5 Release Sees Enhancements to Fluid Simulations and Render Speeds

After awhile of posting some teases to the new features of upcoming X-Particles, Insydium LTD released X-Particles 2.5 for Cinema 4D, making it a free upgrade to all registered users of X-Particles 2.

Following on from the success of Version 2, X-Particles 2.5 takes particle effects within CINEMA 4D to a new level with this outstanding FREE update for all registered Version 2 users

X-Particle 2.5 boasts some hefty speed improvements to high quality rendering and Multi-Pass rendering in addition to a completely new and flexible caching system.

There have been many changes to the emitter object as well as adding extra modifiers such as move over surface.

X-Particles 2.5 also sees some significant enhancements to the fluid simulation section, making fluids easier to use and much faster than previous versions.

There are also new particle painting tools added to the X-Particle toolset, allowing you paint particles directly into your scene onto any object’s surface, right within the Cinema 4D viewport.

For more information on the X-Particles 2.5 release and features, check the page here.

X-Particles 2.5 Curl turbulence and skinner from JoelOtron

A brief feature list for X-Particles 2.5 includes:

  • Many enhancements to the emitter object.
  • Greatly improved, faster and easier fluids.
  • Blazingly fast high quality rendering and Multi-Pass.
  • Wet Maps.
  • Greatly enhanced Python support.
  • Polygon Fragmenter.
  • Additional skinner surfaces.
  • Particle painting, creation, deletion and properties such as color, speed, rotation and life.
  • Extra modifiers and enhancements such as Move over Surface and Falloff over Life.
  • Completely new, flexible and powerful caching system.
  • Many other smaller improvements and enhancements.