Generating a Wet Beach Sand Effect With Maya Bifrost

Ever wanted to have Maya Bifrost waves generate a wet sand effect like the kind you would find on the beach?

A simple tutorial on how to make beach sand look wet using Bifrost.

Daryl Obert breaks down how he went about generating a wet beach sand Effect With Maya Bifrost. working with the demo file, Daryl shows how to generate an image that can be used as a map.

Finding the relationship between the Maya Bifrost water effects and the geometry of the ground, you can create the wet sand effect from a specific camera and viewpoint in the scene.

Interestingly with Maya 2015 you can batch Maya’s hardware 2.0 renderer to easily create the maps needed. Bringing the animated maps into a compositor to ad a delay by using an echo effect will give you the gradual delay seen lapping ocean waves.