Mocha Now Supports Open Splines With Nuke SplineWarp, Ae Support

Imagineer Systems have posted an update to Mocha bringing Mocha to version 4.1. The latest update includes the ability to create open splines within Mocha. You are also able to export open ended splines to any application that supports them, such as After Effects and Nuke.

Taking that premise a step further, now that you can export open ended splines to Nuke, Mocha also adds the ability to export them to Nuke’s SplineWarp node – so you no longer have to copy splines from Roto nodes to the effect.

Mocha 4.1 also adds new support for EXR 2.0 multi-part files, the ability to load and save 3D solves and shape data support for the up and coming Hitfilm pro 3.

Mocha 4.1 updates include:

  • Open Splines:You can now draw open splines by finishing with Shift+RightClick. These splines export to After Effects CC 2014 and Nuke
  • EXR 2.0: We now support EXR 2.0 multi-part files
  • Export to Nuke SplineWarp: We now export to the Spline Warp node so you don’t have to copy splines from Roto nodes to the effect
  • Export shape data to HitFilm 3 Pro: A new shape format for the upcoming Hitfilm 3 Pro
  • Save/Load 3D Solves: You can now save your solved 3d data to the project file
  • Additional 3D Camera Solver Result Improvements: You can now get more consistently accurate results
  • Next/PreviousControlPointShortcuts: You can now cycle though spline points using the { and } keys
  • Python Initialization: We include an file for running startup scripts. See the Python User Guide for more details
  • Python Updates: There are multiple additions to the Python API. See the Python Reference for more details.