Easily Create Clean Plates in After Effects With the New Superpose Plugin

SuperPose After Effects

If you have a clean plate, you can be a God. Shooting a clean plate is one thing, creating a clean plate might be a more involved task. This is until Superpose.

easily creates clean plates from a set of pictures or a sequence.

German VFX and tools company Keller.io recently brought their Nuke custom clean plate creating tool over to After Effects as a native plugin. Superpose allows you to easily create clean plates from a set or a sequence of images.

Superpose was created to be a time saver when removing moving objects out of a set of pictures that were taken with a static camera. Developed as the first line of defense for creating clean plates in a VFX pipeline.

How it works

Superpose really shines when you need to remove a large number of elements from a shot. This can include things like cars, rain, snow, or even crowds.

Superpose analyses each pixel in the images and calculates the probability for the background pixel values. This is drastically different from other removal techniques which use some variation of frame-averaging. Standard frame averaging has its flaws in ghosted shadows and other vital anomalies which can be left behind.

With Superpose, the more images you feed it, the better the final result gets.

  • Remove rain, snow or crowds
  • No need for manual painting. Especially removing a large number of objects can be a mess
  • Increase the weight for better image candidates and tweak the result
  • No ghosting effects compare to frame averaging
  • Use and combine multiple Superpose nodes for different settings in different image areas




Superpose for After Effects and Nuke

Superpose was a Nuke tool and recently made into an After Effects plugin. You can check out a watermarked demo of the plugin for free and put it through its paces. A single node-locked license runs around $170 for the Nuke plugin, and just over $100 for the After Effects plug. Superpose is currently available for Nuke 8+ (Win64, Linux64) and AfterEffects CC2015 (Win64, OSX64)