An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tracking With Mocha AE

I would hope that if you are tracking, at some point you have tried Mocha AE. The planar tracking system form Imagineer Systems comes bundled with After Effects CC. That’s right, you already have it! If you have never used it before, Mocha AE offers a great way to track shots with practically minimal effort.

what planar tracking is and how to use the power of planar tracking to easily track shots

Although After Effects offers a couple of methods for tracking, such as the point tracker, and the 3D Camera Tracker, there will be times when those will not get you the results that you need. Mocha, however is a completely different beast than the two tracking heavy hitters in Ae.

Anyway, if you have never used it before, you really should. A new post from YouTube trainer Surfaced Studio will fill you in on how Mocha works, what planar tracking is, an how to use it within Ae. Basically everything you need to know! Get on it!