Aton updates With Better IPR Support

Did you know that there is a thing that will let you render with Arnold in Maya directly into the Nuke interface? It’s called Aton, and it’s an Arnold interface-compatible display driver an Nuke plugin that can render directly in Nuke.

Recently Lighting TD Vahan Sosoyan has updated Aton to version 1.1.3 which offers much better IPR support, along with shader overrides. With full PIR support within the Aton user interface in Maya, you no longer need to refresh every time you with the cater or set an override.

New Shader Overrides support allows you to easily override a selected object’s shader, or all shaders, to checker, grey or mirror. This can be especially useful for lighting and look development. You can even override normal, occlusion and UV for debugging tricky scenes.

Aton is available for free, across all platforms for both Nuke 9 and Nuke 10. Minimum software requirements are Nuke9.0v7 and MtoA on Windows 7, OSX 10.6, Linux GCC 4.2.1.