Instantly Create Materials from Color Swatches in C4D

So you have set all your design skills on a color palette for your project, why not jump start your look-dev and instantly make them all into shaders rather that create materials one by one?

Maxon posts a super-quick tip showing how you can create materials from color swatches in Cinema 4D. It’s short, but it’s a super tip. Turns out, that you can instantly create materials from a series of color swatches, with a drag and drop. How great is that?

You are able to do them all at once too. Just marque select the color swatches in the material editor, and then drag and drop them to the material field. C4D will then give you a material for every single color… just like that.

By the way, this is one of those new workflow enhancements that was introduced in Cinema 4D R18, so if you are a version behind, this wont work.